Find the Best Pet Duck Breed for You with These Top 10 Choices

One of the most exciting aspects of pet ownership is being able to choose the right breed for you. There’s something exciting about being able to choose between the enormous difference between golden retrievers, Labradors, shih-tzus, and Scottish terriers, and Great Danes, and a ton of other types of dogs, or tabbies, Siamese, Persians, Abyssinians, … Read more

What Can You Feed Baby Ducks?

What to feed a duck?

One of the great things about owning a duck is watching them eat. There’s just absolutely no way it isn’t adorable or hilarious or both every time! Feeding ducks can be surprisingly soothing, and feeding ducklings can be a great activity for young kids to get them interested in animals and nature. Of course, that … Read more

How Long Do Domestic Ducks Live?

How long do ducks live?

From Daffy to Donald to Anaheim’s hockey team, ducks fly high in the popular imagination. Between their everyday status and the fact they’re both common and cute, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that domestic ducks are a popular choice for pets and farm animals as well. The right duck can be a great pet … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Great Pet Duck Names [THAT DONT SUCK]

the best pet duck names ever.

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How Much Does a Duck Cost [AS A PET?]

How much does a pet duck cost?

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Professional Equine Massage Techniques You Can Use on Your Own Horse

professional horse massage techniques for home.

If you’re at all serious about riding, you probably know about the benefits of equine massage therapy for your horse. Equine massage is ideal for keeping fit horses supple, increasing range of motion and helping injured horses rehab faster. It can also release endorphins that improve the mood of a horse, encourage circulation to speed … Read more

5 Different Methods of Buying a Horse

where and how to buy a horse

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