Do Dogs Need Conditioner?

Do dogs need conditioner?

Every dog owner knows one of the most important parts of their care regimen for their four-legged friends comes at bath time. Whether this is a period of soapy bubbly fun or a battle to get your dog to stand still for two seconds so you can wash them will naturally vary from dog to … Read more

Do Dogs Pee Out of Spite?

Do dogs pee out of spite?

Maybe it happened after you left your dog behind as you took a family vacation elsewhere for a few days, thinking some food and treats would be enough to tide them over. Maybe it happened after a long night of your dog barking at another dog or car or anything else which happened to bother … Read more

Why Do Dogs Sleep Between Your Legs? [9 REASONS]

Why do dogs sleep between your legs?

Few things match the oddity and awkwardness factor of having your dog sleep between your legs. We all love snuggling with our four-legged friends, and some people like sharing their bed with their dogs to feel closer to them. That said, there is such a thing as “too close,” and your dog resting right between … Read more

Why Do Dogs Lay in Front of Doors? [7 TOP REASONS]

Why do dogs lay in front of doors?

From Argus waiting for Odysseus to return in Homer’s Odyssey to Seymour waiting in vain for Fry to return in the classic Futurama tearjerker “Jurassic Bark,” dogs’ loyalty is and always has been a huge part of why they’re Man’s Best Friend. No matter what other things may be going on in your life, your … Read more

Why Do Dogs Walk Behind You? [TOP 10 REASONS]

Why do dogs walk behind you?

If anything can rival the joy dog owners feel when taking a walk with their dog, it’s the joy of the dogs themselves as they trot, sniff, bark, and bound to and from, exploring the world around them. For most of us, the experience of taking your dog for a walk involves trailing behind and … Read more

Do Dogs Ever Get Tired of Barking?

Do dogs ever get tired of barking?

Few things drive dog owners barking mad faster than dogs barking incessantly – but if you think there’s a single reason for that which can be easily “fixed,” well, you’re barking up the wrong tree! The fact is dogs bark for myriad reasons, and stopping them from doing so – if that’s even feasible or … Read more

Do Cats Eat Bugs?

do cats eat bugs?

If you have ever seen a cat playing with a bug, you might wonder if it will eat it. Cats are hunters by nature and this instinct comes out when they play with their toys or other animals, or when they see a bug in the house. The answer is that cats do eat bugs … Read more

Do Cats Forget You?

Will cats remember you?

Cats are very mysterious creatures, and their seemingly indifferent behavior leads people to wonder, “Do cats forget their owners?” Although cats have been domesticated for thousands of years, they have retained many of the instincts of their ancestors. They have learned to be more sociable with other cats and to live with people happily, but … Read more

Do Cats Attack Rabbits?

do cats attack rabbits?

You may have a domestic cat living in your home, but you should know that even pet cats are highly skilled predators. They have keen hunting instincts, and this is an instinct that they can use. Even the most docile of indoor cats has hunting instincts. When your cat sees prey, its instincts kick in. … Read more

Do Cats Need Sunlight?

do cats need sunlight?

If your cat lives indoors, you may wonder if it is getting enough sunlight. You probably have noticed that your cat will stretch out and sleep in the sun by the window, which indicates that they enjoy the sunlight, but do they need it? The truth is that cats do not require sunlight because they … Read more


do cats burp?

People often wonder if cats burp. Humans burp, and it is a natural way of relieving air that is trapped in your upper digestive trap. Although it makes sense to wonder if cats burp, it is actually quite rare. Although people are sure that they have heard their cats burp, it is not common and … Read more

Does a Bat Have a Tail?

does a bat have a tail?

What would a dog or cat be without their tail? It is hard to imagine a dog without it being able to wag its tail in excitement or a cat without it showing off its tail as it dominates your home. Of course, it’s more than just cats and dogs – from Lions, Panthers, and … Read more

How and Why Are Bats Protected?

how and why are bats protected?

Bats are by far one of the most common kinds of mammals across the planet, with more than 1,300 different kinds of them stretching over six continents. Why, then, are so many of them considered to be endangered, and who is to blame for that? The latter to both of those questions, in various forms, … Read more

How Much Does a Bat Weigh?

how much does a bat weigh?

Calculating weight is always a tricky concept, and that’s especially true for bats. For one thing, for as tiny as they can be, bats come in all sizes, big and small, slim and not so slim. Megabats and microbats are wildly different in size, in part because they have quite different diets, so the idea … Read more

Can Bats Fly from the Ground? You May be Surprised!

can bats fly from the ground?

Even in an age where you can fly from LA to London in comfort, private planes are readily available, and we’ve gone beyond the Wild Blue Yonder and lifted off into the Final Frontier, the question of flight remains as elusive and alluring as ever. Since at least Leonardo da Vinci’s design for an Air … Read more

When Do Bats Have Babies?

How do bats have babies?

Everyone learns about “the birds and the bees” sooner or later, and that includes bats. With our global population surging past seven billion, we’ve more than followed Benedick’s comic declaration from Much Ado About Nothing, “The world must be peopled!” Likewise, come mating season, bats around the world of every kind decide that “The world … Read more

How Long Can Bats Live Without Food?

How long can bats go without food?

The idea of going for days, weeks, or even months without food is a nightmare for humans, but for bats it’s just part of their yearly routine. Like other animals that hibernate for part of the year, they spend part of the year sleeping away without doing much of anything so as to conserve energy. … Read more

Do Bats Have Eyes? How Well Can They See?

how well can bats see?

Bats are one of those animals which people tend to mythologize more than they actually understand. Over the centuries, we have developed an image of bats as blood-sucking terrifying creatures of the night, when most are simply cute little fuzzballs which won’t bother you as long as you don’t bother them. Count Dracula these bats … Read more

Do Bats Attack Humans? Should I Be Worried?

Do bats attack people?

Bats have something of a bad rap when it comes to humans. The first thing many people think of when they think of a bat is a blood-sucking creature of the night linked to vampire legends – and being connected with Count Dracula isn’t exactly the nicest of associations. Dig a bit deeper into bats’ … Read more

Extraordinary Bat Habitats [+Where to Find Them]

Bat habitats.

The question of bat habitats is enough to drive one, well, batty, in no small part because there isn’t one answer that can possibly encompass the breadth of living conditions in which bats big and small are found around the world. Many of them spend their time in caves of all kinds. You may even … Read more

Do Bats Hibernate or Migrate?

Do bats migrate or hibernate?

To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question when it comes to bats. Or is it? Not quite. There is another option available to bats, and that’s to migrate. However, even condensing things down into those quick and easy options doesn’t quite cover it, because it’s rarely an either/or situation. In fact, bats … Read more

Are Bats Good for Mosquito Control?


Bats walk a fine line between seeming like cute and cuddly petite pets and dark creatures of the night. On the one hand, there’s no denying bats look like adorable little fuzzballs. On the other hand, we all know that bats feed on some pretty unsavory things. Even setting aside the old idea that bats … Read more

What Do Bats Eat? [WILD & DOMESTIC]

What do bats eat?

One of the most important steps for any pet owner is making sure that you are buying the right kind of food for them. Every animal has its own special nutrition needs and diets, and you need to get them right to ensure that they live the happiest, healthiest life possible.  This is especially true … Read more

Awesome Names for Your Pet Bat

Cool names for your pet bat.

Bats aren’t exactly the most conventional of pets, which makes them perfect for unconventional pet people. Sure, other people might choose to go with a cat or dog, conventional pets, but you’ve chosen to take a true creature of darkness under your wing! If you are still thinking about a pet bat, why not read … Read more

Are Bats Good Pets, and Should You Keep Them?

do bats make good pets?

Maybe you’ve always had a love of vampires from Carmilla and Nosferatu to Dracula – maybe even a certain sparkly Robert Pattinson-looking one. Maybe you’re a huge Batman fan and dream of having a Batcave of your own. Maybe you simply live for the night and would love a pet who shares your same bewitching … Read more

Is it Legal to Have a Pet Bat?

is it legal to have a pet bat?

Think of everything that makes a great pet. There are many great animals out there, of course, and plenty of different tastes when it comes to what people want in a pet, but you can still probably think of a few things that most have in common – and practically none of them align with … Read more

Is a Horse a Pet or Livestock?

Is a horse a cow or livestock?

Dogs may be billed as being “Man’s Best Friend,” but if there’s any animal that can give them a run for their money there, it’s horses. For thousands of years, they have been our companions in war and peace, in high society and heavy work and everything in between. Whether you’re someone who lives life … Read more

Horse Care 101: The Basics of How to Look After Horses

How to look after a horse.

The question of how to look after a horse can feel like a daunting one. Of course, appointing yourself responsible for any living creature is an arduous task, but there is no denying that horses in particular require a lot of care. They eat a lot and have specific dietary requirements, require regular exercise, have … Read more

Do Horses Make Good Pets?

Do horses make good pets?

From knights and cowboys to Regency gentlemen and ladies to trick riders and trail lovers, equestrians of all kinds know that horses are something special. Horses are fantastic companions, and the bond between mount and steed is strong indeed. But what is it really like to have a horse as a pet? Maybe you’ve always … Read more


how much does a horse cost?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a trained horse lover, in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a horse. That Pride and Prejudice-inspired riff seems altogether fitting here given that horses not only fit her world of gentlemen and ladies but can also at first seem affordable only to them … Read more

How Much Does a Horse Weigh?

how much do horses weigh?

Horses may look light and graceful, but don’t be fooled – they’re carrying around hundreds of pounds’ worth of heft with them. Of course, part of what makes a horse appear so graceful is the fact that they don’t appear to be a portly paunchy horse a la Sancho Panza (or his short fat horse, … Read more

How Big of a Horse Do I Need?

what size horse do i need?

One of the trickiest balances that the equestrian world has always had to tackle is the issue of size, weight, mounts, and horses. No one should ever fat-shame someone or assume that “horse riding isn’t for them” based on their size. On the contrary – equestrians come in all shapes and sizes, and as do … Read more

Do Horses Like to Be Petted? [+HOW TO DO IT WELL]

how to pet a horse?

Horses, like people, have different personalities and preferences when it comes to physicality. Some love physical connection, others are shyer about it, and still more blanch at the first sign of someone trying to touch them. As with people, therefore, it’s impossible to give a One Size Fits All answer to the question “Do horses … Read more

Need a Friendly Duck? 8 Friendliest Duck Breeds to choose from…

The Friendliest Duck Breeds

Ducks are one of the great staples of farm life and domestic pets, and that’s especially true of certain breeds. It’s a huge mistake to think that all duck breeds are the same because the temperaments behind these different breeds are quite varied. “The Threatened Swan” is a favorite painting at the Rijksmuseum, but bad-tempered … Read more

How Much Space Do Ducks Need? [SURPRISING TRUTH!]

How much space does a duck need?

From falcons and eagles to doves and, yes, turkeys (at least according to Benjamin Franklin in 1776), we like to imagine birds as symbols of freedom. The most obvious reason for this is that we are stuck trudging and tramping across the ground while with a flap of their wings birds can go skyward. Eagles … Read more

Do Dogs and Ducks Get Along? [+ HOW YOU CAN HELP]

do dogs and ducks get along?

Ducks are absolutely adorable and dogs are Man’s Best Friend, so it seems only natural that pet-loving people would eventually want to bring the two together. But is that such a great idea? After all, while you may have images of adorable ducky and doggy friends playing together, dogs are carnivores, after all, and might … Read more

Need a Quiet Duck? Try these 5 Breeds…

5 Quiet Duck Breeds.

One of the big questions anyone has to ask themselves before they get a pet is if they can stand the sound, ducks included. Sure, you may think that you’re ready to feed and shelter a pet and do all the other things that come with raising a duck – but are you ready to … Read more

Do Ducks Need a Pond? [+OTHER WATER MYTHS]

Do ducks need a pond?

If you’ve decided to keep a duck as a pet, you already know that there are plenty of things you have to prepare that might prove to be just a bit difficult. After all, it’s all fun and games with an adorable feathery ball of fluff until the duck starts quacking up a storm or … Read more