When Do Rabbits Stop Growing?

When do rabbits stop growing?

We all know that rabbits have a thing for growing and proclivity when it comes to breeding, and those two things are not entirely unconnected. Rabbits in the wild need to procreate quickly and grow fast to offset just how many of them may wind up as dinner for predators. Hopefully, your pet rabbit lives … Read more

How Much Do Rabbits Weigh?

How much do rabbits weigh?

Few things cause more anxiety than weight. “Fat” and “thin” are in one sense relative concepts but, taken to the extremes of anorexia, obesity, malnutrition, or hedonism can cause real medical problems. That’s true for humans, and it’s also true of rabbits as well. Even if you don’t have to worry about anyone “fat-shaming” your … Read more

Why Do Rabbits’ Noses Twitch? [4 REASONS]

Why do rabbits noses twitch?

Few things are more characteristic of rabbit behavior than their noses twitching away. On the one hand, it’s adorable, and not just because it makes them look as if they’re ready to cast a spell on Bewitched. Rabbits can seem to be little furry balls of activity and that nose twitching is no exception. On … Read more

How Do Rabbits Sleep? How Long Do They Sleep?

How long do rabbits sleep?

Few things are more universal than the need to sleep. Big or small, be they hyperactive youngsters or exhausted parents, creatures across the Animal Kingdom need to catch some Z’s and rest up for the day (or night) ahead. Rabbits are no different in this regard. In some respects, rabbits’ need for sleep is quite … Read more

How Many Ribs Do Rabbits Have?

How many ribs do rabbits have?

Whether you were the type of kid who was fascinated by anatomy in Biology class and whether the very idea of dissection makes you squeamish, there’s no denying that rabbits have interesting bodies. From their long ears to their twitching noses, how adorable they look when waddling along to their incredible speed while hopping full … Read more