Do Dogs or Cats Have Better Hearing?

Do dogs or cats have better hearing?

It’s no secret that both dogs and cats hear much better than us, and it isn’t hard to think of why. Dogs are descended from wolves that rely in part on their keen sense of hearing to track and hunt prey in a pack. Cats are descended from all manner of big cats that rely … Read more

Do Dogs Howl at the Moon? Is it Normal?

Do dogs howl at the moon?

Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, cats gotta play with balls of yarn, dogs gotta howl at the moon. That’s the way it’s supposed to go, right? But wait — why do dogs howl at the moon, anyway? Is that even what they’re doing? The image (and sound!) of dogs howling at the moon is … Read more

Do Dogs Die in Their Sleep? [+8 Warning Signs]

Do dogs die in their sleep?

Dogs often sleep for hours on end, and it’s easy to think they’re just taking a nap. Maybe they’re dreaming about chasing a squirrel, or stalking a cat. But the question we are asking today is ‘do dogs die in their sleep?’ and how can we tell that your beloved dog’s time on this earth … Read more

Do Dogs Communicate with Each Other? [DOG COMMUNICATION 101]

do dogs talk to each other?

From Odysseus’s faithful dog Argus in The Odyssey and the doggie-master duo of Launce and Crabbe in Shakespeare’s Two Gentlemen of Verona to writer-doggie duos such as Dorothy Parker writing her “Verse for a Certain Dog” and John Steinbeck going on Travels with Charley, dogs have left their pawprints throughout the pages of literature. Between their prestigious … Read more

Custom Pet Portraits! Best Way to Get One?

How to get a custom pet portrait.

There is a new trend in the air, have you heard of it? This latest pet related trend is to do with custom pet portraits. A lot of people love their pets more than many people they know and want to immortalize their furry fellow in print. It used to be simple, just take a … Read more

How Do Rabbits Sleep? How Long Do They Sleep?

How Do Rabbits Sleep?

It’s no secret that rabbits make great pets, and they’re also excellent companions for other animals. However, many people aren’t aware of just how much rabbits sleep. So, we thought we’d help you out by exploring the sleeping habits of these cuddly little critters. So sit back, relax, and grab your favorite drink. Let’s go … Read more

How Far Does Your Dog See?

How far can dogs see?

The five major senses are the portal for living creatures into the world, and lacking in any sense radically changes lives. The same goes for dogs, which you likely connect with a strong sense of smell. While dogs are notoriously good smellers, the story with their eyes is a bit different. Your dog’s vision is … Read more

Do Dogs Smell Before They Die? [DOGGY 101]

Do dogs smell before they die?

Death is a part of life as much as birth, although that does not make coping with your dog’s death any easier. A dog will often emit a smell in the days before it eventually passes away, although you might not notice it right away. Many dog owners describe this smell as being different rather … Read more

Do Dogs Blink? [DOGGY 101]

Do dogs blink?

If you have ever tried to win a staring contest with your dog, you are probably aware that it is very difficult to come out victorious. Although you may not see it very often, your dog does blink, and for many of the same reasons you do. Your dog also has some tricks hidden up … Read more

Why Do Dogs Sit Behind You? [DOGGY 101]

Why do dogs sit behind you?

Without a doubt, every dog in the world does tons of adorable things that endear them to their owners. Some behaviors, such as following their owners around the house, are easy to understand, but others are less obvious. One of these less obvious behaviors is when your dog sits behind you. Why do they do … Read more

Fido’s Features: Do Dog Whiskers Grow Back?

Do dog whiskers grow back?

You’re cleaning your precious pup’s bed and you see a hair that appears to be somewhat thicker than the others. You pick it up and realize that it is actually one of your dog’s whiskers. Oh no! Now you’re left wondering, do whiskers grow back? The short answer is yes, they do grow back, but … Read more

Do Dogs Go Through Terrible Twos? [PUPPY 101]

Do dogs go through terrible twos?

When your puppy appears to emulate everything that you would expect from a whiny two-year-old, don’t worry; you are not alone. Just the same as baby humans, young dogs go through the same phases as us, only over a condensed time span. This “terrible twos” phase does not have to last long if you handle … Read more

Awww…Ouch! Why Do Cats Rub Against You & Then Bite?

Why do cats rub up against your legs then bite?

Cat owners appreciate that their pets are discerning and do not dole out affection on command (as do certain other domesticated animals). The sweetest moments for a cat owner are when their beloved shows them love by actually seeking them out for touch. Out of nowhere, they rub against your legs, arms, torso, and it … Read more

How Long Do Cats Live? [9 Lives?]

How Long Do Cats Live?

There’s nothing better than the love of a cat. When these independent creatures nuzzle up to you and purr contentedly, it can melt the coldest of hearts. Every cat owner wishes their cat could live forever, but all good things must come to an end. Average Lifespan of a Cat in the Wild Feral cats … Read more

Will My Kitty’s Whiskers Grow Back?

Will my cat's whiskers grow back?

Besides their adorable little toe beans, a cat’s whiskers are one of the cutest features on a cat. They’re also the most recognizable trait of a cat. You may have noticed your kitty shedding their whiskers. You find one around your apartment and consider sticking it back on their face, but it’s too late. The … Read more

Frigid Felines: Do Cats Get Cold?

Do cats get cold?

Brrrrrrrr! As the mercury outside drops, we crank the thermostat, dress in layers, and pile on blankets. But what about our furry friends? In the wintertime, cat owners might look lovingly at their pets and wonder if they are warm enough, especially given most cats’ resistance to any kind of kitty clothing.Let’s look at the … Read more