Do Dogs Walk in Circles Before they Die?

Dogs are often referred to as a ‘man’s best friend’ or something similar. The bond humans can build up with their dogs never ceases to amaze me. The downside to this is that dog owners tend to worry too much! This is a prime example. I have had some of my dog owner friends complaining that their dogs have been walking around in circles for no apparent reason. They often think this means their beloved pet is about to die. But do dogs really walk in a circle before they die? Let’s find out together.

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Do Dogs Walk Around in Circles Before they Die?

It is entirely possible that a dog could walk around in circles before they die, but it is not the only reason they may walk around in circles. The common myth is that a dog is walking around in circles to find a comfortable place to lie down and die. This myth is not entirely true, in my opinion. It is more likely that your dog is in some kind of dis-comfort or distress. It is possible that this discomfort or distress could be due to a life-threatening condition, but it could equally be something simple that could easily be put right by a trip to your local veterinarian!