Do Dogs or Cats Have Better Hearing?

Do dogs or cats have better hearing?

It’s no secret that both dogs and cats hear much better than us, and it isn’t hard to think of why. Dogs are descended from wolves that rely in part on their keen sense of hearing to track and hunt prey in a pack. Cats are descended from all manner of big cats that rely … Read more

How Long Do Cats Live? [9 Lives?]

How Long Do Cats Live?

There’s nothing better than the love of a cat. When these independent creatures nuzzle up to you and purr contentedly, it can melt the coldest of hearts. Every cat owner wishes their cat could live forever, but all good things must come to an end. Average Lifespan of a Cat in the Wild Feral cats … Read more

Awww…Ouch! Why Do Cats Rub Against You & Then Bite?

Why do cats rub up against your legs then bite?

Cat owners appreciate that their pets are discerning and do not dole out affection on command (as do certain other domesticated animals). The sweetest moments for a cat owner are when their beloved shows them love by actually seeking them out for touch. Out of nowhere, they rub against your legs, arms, torso, and it … Read more

Frigid Felines: Do Cats Get Cold?

Do cats get cold?

Brrrrrrrr! As the mercury outside drops, we crank the thermostat, dress in layers, and pile on blankets. But what about our furry friends? In the wintertime, cat owners might look lovingly at their pets and wonder if they are warm enough, especially given most cats’ resistance to any kind of kitty clothing.Let’s look at the … Read more

Will My Kitty’s Whiskers Grow Back?

Will my cat's whiskers grow back?

Besides their adorable little toe beans, a cat’s whiskers are one of the cutest features on a cat. They’re also the most recognizable trait of a cat. You may have noticed your kitty shedding their whiskers. You find one around your apartment and consider sticking it back on their face, but it’s too late. The … Read more

Do Cats Kill Chickens?

Do Cats Kill Chickens?

One of the great challenges of owning different kinds of animals in your home or on your farm is the fact that they don’t always get along. That’s something we all intuitively know on some level (the phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” exists for a reason, after all), but just as we likely imagine … Read more

Do Cats Eat Rabbits?

Do cats eat rabbits?

We have already written a whole article on whether cats attack rabbits, but today we are going to delve deeper into the topic of whether cats would actually eat a rabbit! Sounds gruesome, right!! Better to find out now if you own both a pet cat and rabbit 🙂 In July 2007, the Wall Street Journal reported … Read more

Do Cats Chew Their Food?

Do cats chew their food?

If you have a cat, you know how eager it is to eat. Food time is an exciting time, and your cat is ready to dig into its food–but what if it doesn’t chew properly?  Let’s take a closer look at why this strange phenomenon occurs and what you can do about it.  Why Does … Read more

Why Cats Jump Off Balconies [+What You Can Do About it]

Why do cats jump off balconies?

“All the time I feel like a cat on a hot tin roof!”   “Then jump off the roof, Maggie, jump off it.”  That classic exchange from Tennessee Williams’ magnum opus is a masterpiece of modern theatre, but what Brick says next – “Cats jump off roofs and land uninjured” – is a bit more suspect. We’d like to … Read more

Cat Got Their Tongue? What Cats Can & Can’t Understand in English

Do cats understand english?

From loyal feline friends such as Claudine’s Franchette in Colette’s Claudine series and Hermione’s Crookshanks in Harry Potter to magical cats such as the Cheshire Cat in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Behemoth in Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita, cats have left their paw prints all over the world of literature.  Writers from Emily Bronte to Mark Twain to T.S. Eliot can count themselves among English-language Literature’s … Read more

Do Cats Eat Their Babies? 10 Reasons They Might!

Do cats eat their babies?

There is nothing more natural than the bond between parents and children and the passage of one generation into the next. There’s a reason why the phrase “eating their young” is used to describe situations of true hopelessness and horror. Surely cats would be free of that infanticidal cannibalistic impulse, or so we would like … Read more

Do Cats Forgive Abuse? Do They Hold Grudges?

Do cats forgive abuse?

What a carefree world cats live in, full of fur and fluff and catnip and contentment, right?   Well, that’s how we like to imagine our feline friends, at least. We like to think that cats and dogs live a simpler life, free from the kind of long-term grudges or simmering anger that is an often-ugly … Read more

Do Cats Eat Bugs?

do cats eat bugs?

If you have ever seen a cat playing with a bug, you might wonder if it will eat it. Cats are hunters by nature and this instinct comes out when they play with their toys or other animals, or when they see a bug in the house. The answer is that cats do eat bugs … Read more

Do Cats Forget You?

Will cats remember you?

Cats are very mysterious creatures, and their seemingly indifferent behavior leads people to wonder, “Do cats forget their owners?” Although cats have been domesticated for thousands of years, they have retained many of the instincts of their ancestors. They have learned to be more sociable with other cats and to live with people happily, but … Read more

Do Cats Attack Rabbits?

do cats attack rabbits?

You may have a domestic cat living in your home, but you should know that even pet cats are highly skilled predators. They have keen hunting instincts, and this is an instinct that they can use. Even the most docile of indoor cats has hunting instincts. When your cat sees prey, its instincts kick in. … Read more

Do Cats Need Sunlight?

do cats need sunlight?

If your cat lives indoors, you may wonder if it is getting enough sunlight. You probably have noticed that your cat will stretch out and sleep in the sun by the window, which indicates that they enjoy the sunlight, but do they need it? The truth is that cats do not require sunlight because they … Read more


do cats burp?

People often wonder if cats burp. Humans burp, and it is a natural way of relieving air that is trapped in your upper digestive trap. Although it makes sense to wonder if cats burp, it is actually quite rare. Although people are sure that they have heard their cats burp, it is not common and … Read more