Is a Horse a Pet or Livestock?

Is a horse a cow or livestock?

Dogs may be billed as being “Man’s Best Friend,” but if there’s any animal that can give them a run for their money there, it’s horses. For thousands of years, they have been our companions in war and peace, in high society and heavy work and everything in between. Whether you’re someone who lives life … Read more

Horse Care 101: The Basics of How to Look After Horses

How to look after a horse.

The question of how to look after a horse can feel like a daunting one. Of course, appointing yourself responsible for any living creature is an arduous task, but there is no denying that horses in particular require a lot of care. They eat a lot and have specific dietary requirements, require regular exercise, have … Read more

How Much Does a Horse Weigh?

how much do horses weigh?

Horses may look light and graceful, but don’t be fooled – they’re carrying around hundreds of pounds’ worth of heft with them. Of course, part of what makes a horse appear so graceful is the fact that they don’t appear to be a portly paunchy horse a la Sancho Panza (or his short fat horse, … Read more


how much does a horse cost?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a trained horse lover, in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a horse. That Pride and Prejudice-inspired riff seems altogether fitting here given that horses not only fit her world of gentlemen and ladies but can also at first seem affordable only to them … Read more

How Big of a Horse Do I Need?

what size horse do i need?

One of the trickiest balances that the equestrian world has always had to tackle is the issue of size, weight, mounts, and horses. No one should ever fat-shame someone or assume that “horse riding isn’t for them” based on their size. On the contrary – equestrians come in all shapes and sizes, and as do … Read more

Do Horses Make Good Pets?

Do horses make good pets?

From knights and cowboys to Regency gentlemen and ladies to trick riders and trail lovers, equestrians of all kinds know that horses are something special. Horses are fantastic companions, and the bond between mount and steed is strong indeed. But what is it really like to have a horse as a pet? Maybe you’ve always … Read more

Do Horses Like to Be Petted? [+HOW TO DO IT WELL]

how to pet a horse?

Horses, like people, have different personalities and preferences when it comes to physicality. Some love physical connection, others are shyer about it, and still more blanch at the first sign of someone trying to touch them. As with people, therefore, it’s impossible to give a One Size Fits All answer to the question “Do horses … Read more

Professional Equine Massage Techniques You Can Use on Your Own Horse

professional horse massage techniques for home.

If you’re at all serious about riding, you probably know about the benefits of equine massage therapy for your horse. Equine massage is ideal for keeping fit horses supple, increasing range of motion and helping injured horses rehab faster. It can also release endorphins that improve the mood of a horse, encourage circulation to speed … Read more

5 Different Methods of Buying a Horse

where and how to buy a horse

Buying a horse for yourself or a member of your family is a huge decision. Although the purchase price is the smallest expense associated with owning a horse, it can still be significant. More than that, the right horse can be a dream and the wrong horse a nightmare. There are a number of ways … Read more