Do Ducks Need a Pond? [+OTHER WATER MYTHS]

Do ducks need a pond?

If you’ve decided to keep a duck as a pet, you already know that there are plenty of things you have to prepare that might prove to be just a bit difficult. After all, it’s all fun and games with an adorable feathery ball of fluff until the duck starts quacking up a storm or … Read more

Need a Quiet Duck? Try these 5 Breeds…

5 Quiet Duck Breeds.

One of the big questions anyone has to ask themselves before they get a pet is if they can stand the sound, ducks included. Sure, you may think that you’re ready to feed and shelter a pet and do all the other things that come with raising a duck – but are you ready to … Read more

How Much Space Do Ducks Need? [SURPRISING TRUTH!]

How much space does a duck need?

From falcons and eagles to doves and, yes, turkeys (at least according to Benjamin Franklin in 1776), we like to imagine birds as symbols of freedom. The most obvious reason for this is that we are stuck trudging and tramping across the ground while with a flap of their wings birds can go skyward. Eagles … Read more

Do Dogs and Ducks Get Along? [+ HOW YOU CAN HELP]

do dogs and ducks get along?

Ducks are absolutely adorable and dogs are Man’s Best Friend, so it seems only natural that pet-loving people would eventually want to bring the two together. But is that such a great idea? After all, while you may have images of adorable ducky and doggy friends playing together, dogs are carnivores, after all, and might … Read more

Find the Best Pet Duck Breed for You with These Top 10 Choices

One of the most exciting aspects of pet ownership is being able to choose the right breed for you. There’s something exciting about being able to choose between the enormous difference between golden retrievers, Labradors, shih-tzus, and Scottish terriers, and Great Danes, and a ton of other types of dogs, or tabbies, Siamese, Persians, Abyssinians, … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Great Pet Duck Names [THAT DONT SUCK]

the best pet duck names ever.

Is there anything more adorable than a pet duckling? Who wouldn’t want to own a little ball of feathered fluff? Even when ducks grow out of their adorable duckling phase, they can be surprisingly characterful, with each possessing a distinct personality. What better way to commemorate those personalities than with a great duck pet name? … Read more

How Much Does a Duck Cost [AS A PET?]

How much does a pet duck cost?

Maybe you’re drawn to the majesty of a flock of ducks flying together in a perfect V formation. Maybe it’s the utter cuteness factor of baby ducks that makes them irresistible for you. Maybe you just think they’d make great pets. Whatever the case, you’re looking to adopt some ducks of your own, which prompts … Read more

What Can You Feed Baby Ducks?

What to feed a duck?

One of the great things about owning a duck is watching them eat. There’s just absolutely no way it isn’t adorable or hilarious or both every time! Feeding ducks can be surprisingly soothing, and feeding ducklings can be a great activity for young kids to get them interested in animals and nature. Of course, that … Read more

How Long Do Domestic Ducks Live?

How long do ducks live?

From Daffy to Donald to Anaheim’s hockey team, ducks fly high in the popular imagination. Between their everyday status and the fact they’re both common and cute, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that domestic ducks are a popular choice for pets and farm animals as well. The right duck can be a great pet … Read more