10 Awesome Pets that any College Student can Look After

You might think that college students are not lonely, given that friends surround them. On the contrary, when students transition from high school to college, they change cities, lose friends, and need time to get accustomed to their new surroundings. Coupled with the pressure from studies, all this can lead to them feeling overwhelmed. Studies have shown that having a pet makes it easier for humankind to fight through life phases.

Why Should you have Pets as a Student?

Various studies have shed light on the fact that students may handle stress better if they own a pet. Adults and college students have different lifestyles and hence choose their pets accordingly. However, the common ground, both adults and students share is that pets positively impacted their health.

18% of college students reported that their pets helped them cope with stress. Although adults and college students had similar reasons for keeping a pet, lifestyle variations may indicate why students rely on their animals more.

Most people form social networks in their late twenties to mid-40s. Grown-ups typically reside in communities surrounded by friends, coworkers, and relatives and are more secure in their lives than those who are just starting their lives.

Many students say their animals play an essential role in their lives. The animals are not a replacement for human interaction and care, but are crucial for children who would otherwise feel alienated from their existing atmosphere. Some significant benefits of owning a pet are:

  1. Owning pets such as dogs will help you stay fit. As you take your pets out for a walk (twice a day) and play with them, you improve your body’s metabolism and burn calories. Also, engaging with a friendly pet decreases the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. And it increases the production of oxytocin—another hormone in the body that generally reduces tension; this is why animal-assisted therapy is so effective.
  2. Pets offer companionship and unconditional love. They will be there for you when you feel lonely.
  3. Pets will help you get a sense of responsibility and routine. Owning a pet requires you to do many tasks such as feeding them, cleaning them, etc., which will put a seed of responsibility in your heart.
  4. It also gives you a social advantage. People enjoy talking about pets, allowing you to use this as an icebreaker when starting conversations.

Pets have enhanced empathy and awareness of the emotions and desires of others—both animals and humans. Most students understand that all living beings require more than just food and water to live.

Spending quality time in the company of your pet will raise your oxytocin levels by 300 percent, decreasing your blood pressure. Many wonderful pets are suitable for the dorm room setting.

Here’s a list of ten perfectly suited pets for a student that are easy to handle and are very adorable:

1. Fish


If your college life is hectic, but you still desire a little companion at home, fish can be a great option.

Easy Maintenance

It’s easy to feed them, and they take very little space in your house.

Relaxing Experience

Having a fish at home can be very soothing and relaxing as fish don’t make any disturbing noises. Fish ponds have many calming benefits, which is why people are usually attracted to aquariums and spend their time looking at the beautiful fauna and flora. Most hostels and dorms allow the residents and students to bring a small aquarium with them. Better ask first though 🙂

Stress Reliever

Decorating fish aquariums is always a fun task. Collecting shells and small leafy sea plants for your fish’s habitat will give you something to do, as well as make your fish happy. Looking after another living being naturally brings happiness to a human and ultimately will act as a great stress relief for you. Owning and caring for a fish as a beginner can also teach you the responsibility of caring for a pet.


There are countless different pet fish to choose from, e.g., goldfish, betta, angelfish, etc.

Since they are vivid and stunning, they are perfect for dorm rooms. Fish are such gentle friends that you’ll never hear a squeak, whimper, hiss, or whistle from them, aside from the soft hum of their tank filter. They provide the perfect setting for students who need to focus for long periods and do not want to be puzzled by scratching or growling.

Another advantage of keeping fish as a college pet is that they won’t eat your papers or sleep on your laptop while you’re trying to recover from a long night. You won’t have to deal with their stinky garbage in the middle of the chaos; they’re easy to deal with.

If you are living in a dorm (or something similar), you can probably only have a small fish tank, so I would recommend a simple and hardy fish for you. Goldfish and guppies would be my choice! NOT tropical fish 🙂

2. Turtle


Turtles require less space and food, just like fish. A small to medium-sized aquarium can be the perfect house for them. You don’t have to take them out as they enjoy being indoors and roaming around the whole house. Turtles float in their ponds and are fascinating to watch.

Easy to care

They’re low-maintenance pets and only require feeding a few times a week. Daily chores are few and far between, as you won’t have to walk your turtle or clean their litter. All you have to do is make sure that their food and water are clean and ready to go.

Turtle Tips

Turtles may not be huggable, but they are cute and comfortable to carry. Even though turtle-care is not too challenging, their surroundings must be very well thought out. Turtles enjoy a good balance of both wet and dry conditions, so be aware of this.

While petting a turtle, you should keep in mind that their skin and shell are very delicate and should be taken care of with full attention.


Turtles are social, too, but that depends on the type of species. The best beginner species of turtles include mud turtles and western painted turtles. The red-eared slider and the famous musk turtle are both great pets. The red-eared slider is friendly, active, and quick to get around. Your turtle buddy has a life expectancy of more than 30 years, so be prepared for a lifetime friendship.

3. Hamster


Hamsters are by far the most popular pets, particularly for teenagers. Hamsters are socially isolated, easy to look after and manage. A teenager can keep a hamster in the house without disturbing other students or themselves. They’re also the most common pet animals in North America, so much so that you’ll find them in 887 out of every 1,000 households.

Simple to take care of

Hamsters are comparatively easy and inexpensive to take care of. Hamsters have contributed widely to the pet industry for several years. There is a wide range of special equipment accessible, making it easy to grow and look after hamsters. Feeding your hamster is also no work and can be done without any faffing around.

Clean Pets

Hamsters are one of the cleanest pets. They pee in only one corner of the place they stay in, making it easier for you (the owner!) to clean it. Hamsters are quiet pets, so you don’t have to worry about them disturbing you while you are studying.

4. Guinea Pig


Guinea Pigs come from the Caviidae Family. They are small, furry, and lovable pets, and as much as people think they are, Guinea Pigs are not related to the pig animal in any type of way. They look like rabbits and are easy to pet. Essentially, Guinea pigs are like giant hamsters. They need a larger cage, but they’re perfect for the first-time pet owner.


Guinea Pigs are independent, and they don’t need much care and attention. Being in college, considering a guinea pig as your pet ownership option can be a match made in heaven 🙂 They come from a cool climate, and thus they quickly adapt themselves in small places.

Changing Personalities

Guinea Pigs have different personalities ranging from dominant to shy. It is better to interact and spend some time with the pet, to know its nature and determine if it’s suitable for you before you commit!!

Longer life span

Guinea Pigs live longer than hamsters and other small pets. Their average life span varies from 5-7 years, and thus they offer a lovely companionship to their owners throughout college and a little beyond.

5. Chinchilla

Chinchillas are much larger and more durable than ground squirrels. Chinchillas can be fantastic pets for college students. These creatures are instinctively afraid and hate being carried, but they form close bonds with their owners. Chinchillas are vivacious, amusing, and entertaining animals.

Need little care

Chinchillas are suitable for students since they need little care. The chinchilla’s care costs are relatively low after the initial expense of buying the animal and setting up the shelter. All a student has to do is put food in the chinchilla’s bowl and refill the water. Chinchillas enjoy chewing, and as long as you provide them with plenty to chew on, they will be happy as Larry 🙂


Considering their social existence, chinchillas can live happily on their own. Chinchillas prefer to be alone and will only ask for your adoration on rare occasions. If you’re going to be in class, you can confidently leave your chinchilla at home alone.

6. Bunny

Bunnies are small mammals belonging to the Lagomorpha order. They do not require a lot of space and will be happy to stay in a cage. Rabbits are an excellent pet for college students because they are clean, easy to toilet train, and affectionate (not to mention cute as hell!!).


Bunnies are quiet and reserved. They don’t make any noise and will not disturb you and your pals while you study. All they need is to be fed and loved regularly.

Bond with owners

Bunnies tend to get emotionally connected to their owners due to their domesticated behavior. They are very friendly and happy around humans, and their furry body is hard to resist. Also, just like dogs, they are always excited to see their owner.


Consider getting a smaller rabbit, such as a dwarf, as you probably don’t have a ton of space as a student (unless you’re a rich one :))

7. Sugar Glider

Sugar gliders are nocturnal gliding possums belonging to the marsupial infraclass.  They get their name from their fondness of sugary snacks, and their ability to glide through the air, much like a flying squirrel. As you see above, they are small and cute animals. A lot of people swear by them as pets!

Live Long

Sugar gliders live longer than other pouch pets, ensuring they can keep a student company for a good period. Sugar gliders will live up to fifteen years, placing them in the same category as canines and felines who have long-term love and affection.

8. Cat

Cats are known for their unmatched love and affection for their owners. They are observed as independent and quiet pets. Cats are an ideal pet for college students, as they don’t demand any high maintenance. If you are busy writing that next assignment they are more than happy to keep themselves company 🙂


Cats are more independent than dogs, which need constant care, and will be fine even if a student leaves them behind to attend lectures. You won’t feel bad about leaving your cat behind because they don’t need constant attention.


You don’t have to worry about flustering other students in the dorm room because cats are peaceful. A cat will not make much noise and will not distract you from your studies, apart from the occasional keyboard stroll.

9. Frogs

Frogs make excellent companion animals. In contrast to rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, and dogs, the frog is a cold-blooded animal with low maintenance requirements, and it is an ideal pet choice for college students.

Low Maintenance

The frog does need to be fed regularly, but it does not require long walks or mental stimulation. They simply focus on keeping their enclosure clean. Furthermore, due to their sensitive skin, the frog should not be treated with any chemicals or creams.


Frogs can be very calming. While they enjoy getting out of their tank and exploring, they will not demand your attention with a bark or a meow. Frogs stay happy on their own, and they will not bother you at all while you study. Carefully petting a frog can be a soothing experience in itself!

10. Dog


Having a dog is a significant investment, so if you’ve chosen to have one, make sure you’re ready for it. As a college student, you’ll most likely want a small to medium-sized dog that needs minimal care and has relatively low energy. Different dogs have different personalities. Some dogs are very quiet and reserved, while some are hyperactive. Many dog breeds are ideal for a student’s lifestyle, like Borzoi, Papillon, Clumber Spaniel, Irish Wolfhound, etc. Below are some details about the dog breeds we would recommend for a student.


Papillon dogs are welcoming to outsiders and other dogs. Most landlords will allow you to keep them in an apartment if they are under 10 pounds. Their life span varies from 13-15 years. Papillons are always friendly and happy.

Clumber Spaniel


This dog breed is perfect for a student attending university in the area. For this dog breed, a regular leash walk is appropriate. Their life span ranges from 10 to 12 years. They are not overly pleasant to outsiders, but they are incredibly loyal to their owners. Brushing is required for all dogs two to three times a week.


Borzoi dogs can not survive unless they have enough room to run around in (so would suit a student with bigger digs). They need a daily long walk as well as the ability to sprint. If you can give them that, you’ll have a quiet, well-behaved pet who is faithful but still proud and sensitive. You won’t have to worry about your neighbors hating you because this breed of dog rarely barks. Their life span is around 7-10 years. They are also one of the more unique dogs around, so your college mates probably won’t have seen one for a while (or ever!).

Irish Wolfhound

This breed was created to pull soldiers off of horses. This fact will give you an idea of the breed’s size but not its temperament. These dogs are very gentle and sweet, and they adapt well to living in a small room. They are relaxed and polite inside, but some wolfhounds have concerns with other dogs or livestock and do not warm up so well to strangers.

We have given you a couple of options for bigger dogs at the end, but again be aware that this dog will need more space and regular runs out! If you can’t offer that as a student, go for one of the smaller breeds.


College students should select pets that are low-maintenance and need little care. A student would not have time to think about caring for an animal when focusing on their studies. The ten adorable pets mentioned above are low-maintenance and will provide much-needed company.

College is a pet-friendly setting. It makes perfect sense to get a new pet around this time to relax your mind and experience companionship. If you are worried about not being present for them 24×7, look for a pet that does not require full supervision, which surprisingly is most pets. All the pet breeds above are ideal for most teens. Choose one and reap the many benefits of taking your new friend to college! The next time you are worried about your college work you will have a cute and cuddly friend to share the pain 🙂