What Happened To Cato On Iron Resurrection? Here’s The Answer.

## The Story of Cato’s Early Life
Cato Meeks was born and raised in the Oil City of Odessa, Texas. He grew up around automotive culture – fixing cars with his dad and learning the art of welding while working at his uncle’s local body shop. That early introduction to hot rod culture sparked a burning passion for vintage vehicles that would define Cato’s career path. By the age of 17, he had already become an accomplished welder and fabricator whose work was gaining recognition in the local auto scene.

## Cato’s Involvement With Iron Resurrection
In 2011, Cato caught wind of a new television show being produced by Velocity Channel called “Iron Resurrection” which focused on reviving classic cars from junkyard conditions into pristine showroom quality masterpieces. After some convincing from a friend, he auditioned for the show and quickly became one co-host alongside Joe Martin as they worked together to bring classic vehicles back to life.

## Cato’s Skills and Contributions to Iron Resurrection
As part of their team effort each week on Iron Resurrection, Joe handled most mechanical issues while Cato oversaw all fabrication related tasks like cutting metal sheeting or creating custom parts from scratch using nothing more than scrap material found in their junkyards or salvage shops nearby. Thanks largely to his creative problem solving skillset – often coming up with solutions without ever utilizing blueprints – this gave viewers an inside look at how real-world fabrication experts approach such projects on tight deadlines without breaking a sweat when it comes time for crunch time..

## The Downfall of Iron Resurrection and Cato’s Departure
Unfortunately after 4 seasons under its belt “Iron Resurrections” ended abruptly when Velocity Channel decided against renewing its contract due primarily declining viewership numbers over its run time – leaving fans wanting more but not getting any closure as far as how future builds would have ended up looking like.. This put both Joe & Catos futures into limbo until news broke out that MotorTrend Network had picked them up along with their entire production staff onto another project showcasing unique vehicle builds called “Texas Metal” .

## Cato’s Return to Iron Resurrection

It didn’t take long before word spread about this new venture across online forums where many longtime supporters rejoiced at seeing familiar faces back on TV once again but now under different circumstances: Rather than rebuilding dilapidated classics from scratch , this iteration featured teams taking existing iconic muscle car models (like Mustangs and Camaros )and reinventing them into something entirely different through imaginative customization techniques ranging anywhere from engine swaps all way down even changing paint colors altogether ! As if that weren’t enough , these creations were then put through extensive tests during grueling driving challenges ..

## The Rebranded Show Under New Name: “Texas Metal”

The show started off strong thanks largely thanks creativity behind each build driven by both CATO & joe who took full advantage pushing boundaries car design never seen before television : While many other programs might focus simply just cosmetics alone , these two took it upon themselves upgrade interiors adding modern touches throughout process like replacing leather seats updated fabrics custom gauges featuring LCD displays – giving viewers glimpse what could be achieved own garages if given right resources direction follow . In addition having access state-of-the art workshop meant they able create truly mind-blowing rides within fraction amount time compared other shows too!

## Cato’s Success In His New Role At Texas Metal Under guidance both CATO & joe Texas Metal went four successful seasons earning much critical acclaim along way few industry awards well – making household name amongst high performance automotive circles everywhere . Before long began appearing magazine covers events even got chance appear commercial promoting luxuries Mercedes Benz lineup : It wasn’t only obvious sign success but also testament hard dedication shown building each episode .
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